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ADULTS ONLY Summer Reading

Just to be clear, the descriptor “adults only,” while technically true, does not mean that our adult summer reading program is X-rated in any way. I might possibly have thought it would function as click-bait, and if it did, I am not sorry. Sorry about that.

I was one of those kids who waited for my library’s summer reading program like it was Christmas. This love of mine was one factor in the bittersweet experience of growing up. I could drive (Yes!), but no more challenges and prizes for pleasure reading (Boo!). I couldn’t believe my luck when I moved to Eau Claire and discovered the library had a summer reading program for adults. Since so many of the wonderful things about adulthood have proven to be double-edged, including that coveted driver’s licence, I feel very strongly that there is no reason kids should have all the summer reading fun.

Wheel of RockIf you are reading this, I think it’s safe to assume you will be reading books this summer anyway, so why not register for the Reading Rock Stars program?  The program starts on June 1 and runs through August 15. For every three books you read or listen to, fill out a Reading Record slip. Each day you come to the library with one or more Reading Records, you will get a chance to spin the Wheel of Rock to win a free book, chocolate, or temporary rocker tattoo. It’s that simple. All completed Reading Record slips will be entered into the final prize drawing. Every year the library’s Information & Reference staff works hard to find amazing prizes for the final drawing. This year, in addition to a heap of cool smaller prizes, you could win one of two (that’s right, two!) grand prizes. Because readers rock twice as hard as everyone else. They are, drum roll, please…

  • A one-night stay at the Oxbow Hotel and a $50 gift card for the Lakely.
  • A one-night stay at the Lismore hotel and a $50 gift card for the Informalist.

But wait…there’s more! Ask at Information & Reference to pick up your Backstage Pass for the trivia contest. Answer 10 trivia questions correctly by the end of the program, and you will be entered into a separate prize drawing. And if that’s not enough, the library will also be hosting its first-ever adult “Reading Rock-Out Party” on Thursday, August 16, so save the date. Everyone who attends will be eligible for a separate party-people-only prize drawing, and those who also participated in the summer reading program will get an extra chance to win.

So why hesitate? In the immortal words (almost) of AC/DC, “For those about to read, we salute you!” But first, you must watch the adult summer reading program promotional video. If a bunch of civil servants are prepared to go to these humiliating lengths to get you excited about reading, it just seems a shame to waste the opportunity to see them do so. 


For those about to read, we salute you!



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