Photo of a jubilant trio on a sidewalk on a snowy winter's day.

All the things at the library! (By which I actually mean “my 5 favorite library things to do in January.”)

All the Things [awl thuh things] | phrase of thing | Used to express over-eager or widespread, non-specific desire or action to do or have many, if not all, of a certain thing or action. Similar in use to “for reasons”. [1]

It is January and the library has All the Things that are going to help you get through the subzero temperatures, the icy sidewalks, scraping windows, slick roads, lack of sunshine, and being stuck indoors. We have snowshoes to borrow, new movies to watch, Playaways to check out, blog posts to read, new music to checkout and stream, and lots of books to discover.

So many things! All the Things!

But wait! There’s more! Here are my top five picks for library-related things to do during January:

1. Stream Music

➜ Sawdust City Sounds

Did you know that we have a local music platform featuring local artists who record and perform and live in our area? AND, we just added 24 new albums by new and returning artists to the collection. You can stream music or download tracks (downloading available only to Eau Claire library cardholders). We’ve got Davey J, CollECtive Choir, Ben Shaw, Jim Pullman, Picard, Jerrika Mighelle, Drunk Drivers, Bethany Shuda, The Rattlenecks, Randall Adams, The Nunnery, Spencer Douglas, TeawhYB, and so many other artists for you to explore. I guarantee you will discover new local music that you love and hope that you’ll be able to go see them play live somewhere this summer!

2. Sign Up for Our Reading Challenge

➜ Reading Challenge 2022

Our yearlong reading challenge is back for its fourth year! Available for readers 14+, this year’s challenge asks readers to engage in 12 different topics over 12 months, reflecting upon what they’ve read, and getting a chance to earn free pizza from Sammy’s Pizza each month to boot. And with some pretty fantastic grand prizes, Teen and Juvenile titles for each category, and a free reading journal to track your progress, you have every reason to register today!

3. Register for Our Family Reading Program

➜ Family Winter Reading Program

More reading program fun, this time for the entire family, can be found in in our Youth Services’ annual winter reading program. Register online to receive your free activity sheet that includes a recipe for Snow Ice Cream and 28 clever activities for your family to stay active and engaged this winter. Complete 14 activities, submit your sheet at the Youth Services desk, and win a prize!

4. Stream Audiobooks and More

➜ hoopla (and their new BingePass service)

Hoopla BingePass gives our cardholders so much more and they will be adding even more content throughout 2022. For just one borrow you get 7 days of access to streaming content including their hoopla Magazine collection and THE GREAT COURSES VIDEO LIBRARY COLLECTION. (Sorry to shout. I just think it really is GREAT). Coming soon…a Curiosity Stream BingePass, which will include thousands of high-quality videos about all sorts of really cool things including some really great content for kids.

5. Coming this month…listen to ALL the episodes of the library’s new podcast!

Dabble Babble is coming! Dabble Babble is coming! In just five days, you’ll be able to listen to Dabble Box makerspace staff engaging with local artists and makers in the Chippewa Valley in our library’s very first podcast series. And if you are a maker/creator who resides in the area who would like to be interviewed for the series, please submit your name and information. We would love to hear all about what you do.

[1] Urban Dictionary. (2018) Citation. In dictionary. Retrieved January 13, 2022, from


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