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Bullet Journaling for the Win!

As I write this, the fuzzy notion of 2021 comes to a close. I thumb through my bullet journal to reflect on all of our accomplishments this year and consider our goals going into the New Year. Some fascinating entries that take place across April and May of 2021 summarize elements of a major operation. If April and May journal entries were transcribed into a radio show from 1943, the news anchor might report, “Amidst a pandemic, the downtown library extracts and relocates its beloved books, furniture, and trusted librarians to make space for a building renovation. All library elements arrive in the belly of 2725 Mall Drive like viable organs requiring a swift transport for a lifesaving transplant. In May 2021, the library was revived, readers were restored, and access to accurate information was stabilized.”

Imagination aside, bullet journaling has revitalized my workflow. It is a form of journaling created by Ryder Carroll that helps you “track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future” (Bullet Journal, 2015). I appreciate how it systemizes daily tasks to help you stay organized and productive. This tool helps you meet deadlines, set goals, and establish reminders for follow up when needed. There are many ways you can practice bullet journaling and you can make it work for you.

To get started, here is the official video “How to Bullet Journal” narrated by Ryder Carroll, the creator of bullet journaling:

If reading a book about bullet journaling sounds interesting, place a hold on Ryder Carroll’s “The Bullet Journal Method” .

You can also request “The Bullet Journal Method” as an eBook using the Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

Or perhaps you’d like to do a little more research on By visiting the “Learn” tab, you can scroll through different ways to implement bullet journaling techniques and get inspired by their illustrated tips and tricks.

I am most grateful to my colleague, Anna, for suggesting I try bullet journaling to keep my tasks, events, and notes organized. I look forward to cracking open my third annual bullet journal on Monday, January 3, 2022. I look forward to the fall 2022 entries: a grand finale for all to see – our return home to 400 Eau Claire Street.


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