Blizzcon and LA

After about a year of planning and waiting, a group of friends and I all departed for the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, to go to Blizzcon. Blizzcon is an annual convention hosted by the gaming publisher company, Blizzard, who has made popular game franchises such as StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. Events included international finals for many Blizzard games, new announcements for each game, Q&A panels, and much more.


The friends I went with weren’t ones I had met in person before this event, but rather friends I met online playing various games. They came from all over North America: Tennessee, California, and even Ottawa in Canada! Our love of video games brought us together and if you have a video game console, you can make great friends too. Many of the games here at the library are capable of being played online with others! Don’t have Internet access at home? Well you can check out our awesome Wi-Fi Hotspots!


Blizzcon was only a two-day event but we were in Los Angeles for four days total so we had some time to explore the city. Using a nifty travel eBook guide I found on our MORE Online Catalog, I was able find some interesting and fun spots nearby like the Santa Monica Pier!


Whether you game or travel, the library has many things to help you explore and meet new friends, so why not stop in and check out what we have to offer!


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