Staff photo of new public computer work stations. Without the computers.


CH-CH-Changes! Nope, not the David Bowie song. Or the Charles Bradley song. I am talking about the big changes at our beloved library.

First, there have been several comments from our faithful customers thinking that by adding more self-checkout stations, and making these changes, staff have been or will be replaced. Rest assured this is not the case.

The biggest change recently is that Information & Reference, public computers, and “Business Center” (printers, copier, FAX machine, scanner) have all moved to the second floor. Some people like it. Some people do not. And that is OK, as I admit I am not one for making changes, either. However, library staff were mentally prepared for this grand change as it was part of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. Moving Information & Reference to the 2nd floor allowed us to ensure that staff is available to assist customers with our adult non-fiction collection while also providing excellent service to troubleshoot printers, make use of the amenities in the business center, and guide people on the use of our microfilm and genealogical resources. The additional service point has allowed us to increase our customer service. Bonus – relocating the computers has increased our users exposure to natural light and provided a quieter environment. (Reference Staff has also become quite fond of their new view). Added bonus – we have added adjustable and accessible computer stations that give customers the option to sit, or adjust to wheelchair height. One more bonus – by reducing the computer desk footprint, we were able to add two more internet accessible stations for customers. Shorter queue!

But I get it! Change is hard, different, and often frustrating. I swear if we put a neon sign above the DVDs (which are now on the main floor) saying the DVDs are now located here, most people would not see it. As a customer the last 30 years, I would know that the DVDs were always upstairs, and I would have tunnel vision to head upstairs. As I always have.  So please do be aware that many things have changed, and there are more to come.

Soon, the music CDs will move downstairs, the reference books will move upstairs near Information & Reference, the Young Adult Lounge moves to the main level, and the newspapers and magazines will once again be upstairs. Just so you know, this is your typical library set up; circulation, youth services, and fiction are located on the main floor, and reference and non-fiction on the second floor.

Yes, change is hard for all. Including the staff here. We are still trying to figure out the best schedule, doing cross training to be able to help out other departments, and just doing our best to come up with the best workflow.

What has not changed? That absolutely, positively every person in this library has one basic job. That is to provide the best customer service, and best library experience possible for our customers. We do not sell you anything! We just want to give you stuff. Stuff to read, watch, listen to, and stuff just to know. Stuff to make, plant, and play.

So please be patient! We hope by the end of this year we (staff and customers) will know where all the stuff is located.


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