Will it Waffle?

We’re always helping people looking for information on canning and cooking, including our own staff. We have tailgate parties and potlucks here in the staff lounge. Dieting is NOT on the menu at this time. Everywhere I have worked, librarians have been great cooks, and L.E. Phillips is not the exception.

I like to read cookbooks and try recipes I have never tried before.  There is practical advantage to cooking for other library staff. That way, if it is good, I won’t eat it all myself, or if it is not so good, I will have others to help me eat it. I consider this a win-win.

We have some great cookbooks in our collection; in fact, we have one of the largest cookbook collections in our consortium.

One of my favorites is;
Will it waffle? : 53 unexpected and irresistible recipes to make in a waffle  iron by Daniel Shumski.

As a librarian I need to give you the call number as well: “641.3  Sh928w” in the Non-Fiction area. I love waffles, I have two waffle irons, one for regular waffles and one for Belgian waffles. The idea of using a waffle iron for other items intrigued me. Cookies and cakes? Yum!  I enjoyed the chocolate chip cookie recipe as I love cookies right out of the oven.  Daniel Shumski also has a blog at http://www.willitwaffle.com/will-it-waffle  with other waffle ideas and waffle wisdom.

Sometimes a person just needs a waffle.