Holiday Nostalgia

With the turning of the calendar over to December, a trip to the grocery store and a certain Mariah Carey song reminds you of the fast approaching holidays. Although it can be hectic, it is one of my favorite times of the year. The music, the smells, the lights, they all sort of bring back a magic nostalgia I don’t get any other time of the year.

Easily one of the biggest and instant hits of nostalgia is felt whenever my favorite Christmas album, “A Charlie Brown Christmas“, comes on. I’m instantly whisked away to my childhood home helping my mom make Caramel Crispix Mix and listening to those Vince Guaraldi tunes on the CD player in the kitchen. I was also the official taste tester and my approval was very necessary to ensure only quality product was delivered. Or maybe I just couldn’t resist snacking.

A container of Cool Whip, on the other hand, brings a more cautionary nostalgia during this time of year. Because, just like Thanos, someone getting a finger covered in whipped cream to the face was always inevitable during dessert.

If you are seeking some more tunes, holiday recipes to tap into that magical feeling, or a film to put you in the mood, please check out this curated list of titles available in the MORE catalog. May you find some comfort and joy this holiday season.


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