Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

‘Tis the Season. Almost.

Don’t look now, but the holiday season is fast approaching. Falling on November 23 this year, Thanksgiving 2017 is earlier than usual, and with Christmas, New Year’s, and other festivities following soon after, the time is right to get ready for holiday travel.

snowstormDriving? Any seasoned Wisconsin driver knows to check and double-check driving conditions, and if a blizzard is on the way, please be sensible and stay curled up in front of the fire with a good book, or be a couch potato with movies. And the best place to get these books and movies? The library, of course! We all want to see our loved ones, but be smart, and understand that some years it just isn’t going to happen.

Flying? I suggest you always check into the option of flying out of Eau Claire to Chicago, making your further connection there. You save at least three hours each way from Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, by the time you drive, park, and make your way through long security lines. Plus, the parking is much less at the Eau Claire airport. Most important, your stress level goes way, way down. Whenever I fly, I do enjoy it so. The anticipation of seeing new places, or family, is exciting. Or better yet, going somewhere warm to escape the cold is certainly a highlight for my wife and me.

traffic jamBut I admit I always am a bit stressed until I actually get through the security lines at major airports. Drive over to the Cities? With the possibility of car trouble, weather, or traffic, I am always happy to get to the airport two hours early, as opposed to five minutes late. Five minutes past the boarding cut-off time can cost you; money, time, and in the extreme, perhaps your entire vacation. So, get there early, grab an expensive cup of coffee (you are on vacation after all), and bring a couple of your favorite books or movies.

Think ahead and check out your favorite authors at the library, and save the cost of the book. You can now afford the aforementioned coffee. With our downloadable media, you can get books, movies, and even music to play on your favorite device. Personally, put a good book in my hand, and a two hour flight, well, flies by.

Best advice I can offer? Plan ahead, and be patient. If your flight is set to depart at 1:00, be thrilled you leave by 2:00. Expect it to be busy, overcrowded, with too many impatient people. With kids. That are crying. Hopefully not puking!

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


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