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Although I have been coming to the library for 30 years, I never took the time to check out all the other offerings that the library has available.

Reference Books?  How to guides?  Music Downloads?  On-line learning?  Genealogy information?  Home delivery?  Interlibrary Loans?  I had no idea.  An entire room full of old magazines, papers, city, county, and state information, even old maps from the area; these are just a few of the resources that are here on site.

Nope, I never knew any of these existed until I started working at the reference desk.

My goal at the library was to find a book or movie I might like.  I never took the time to reserve anything, look at the MORE catalog to find other books and authors I might like, or to research the sequence on a series of books I was reading.

Downloadable Media?  I wish I would have known!  This is something that I would have taken advantage of.  Click on this link, our main website, and simply click on  DOWNLOADABLE  MEDIA and take a look at books, music, and audiobooks.

Do you want to keep track of the books you have read?  The audiobooks you have listened to?  Go to   Set up your own account, rate books, create your own lists, discover other authors similar to your favorites, and browse a myriad of categories.  It is a fantastic resource, and it’s FREE!

So for all of you loyal library patrons out there, take a look around, ask us at the reference desk, and find out what we can do for you.


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