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What to Read Next?

Have you ever been stuck, not knowing what you feel like reading next?  Tired of the same genres and authors?  Looking for something new?

Since all staff members in this library are here to serve, then yes, we can help!

First, ask at the reference desk upstairs for a Diversity Challenge reading journal.  Each month has a different subject, so you may pick and choose what interests you.  Each month will then give you 15-20 titles in that subject that are great suggestions.  You need not follow this month to month; just pick what peeks your imagination, and go from there.

Your library staff has created 28 different Book Links for ideas and suggestions by genre. These Book Links are for Mystery & Thriller, Horror, Romance, Historical Fiction, Self-Help, and Women’s Fiction, just to name a few.  Each of these has the latest best sellers, best- selling authors, and also classic books in each genre. These are located just behind the customer service desk on the first floor of the library, or on our public website under services, then Discover New Books.

Also on our MORE public website we list new items, plus the latest New York Times Best-Sellers. Just above the Book Links on our website, there are lists of the best books of 2018. Want someone to guide you? Fill out the Personalized Reading Suggestions, as we can suggest authors and titles based on your reading preferences. is a super resource we often use at the reference desk.  They list new fiction books by genre and format.  If you want to know the sequence of books in a series, type in the author, and all books written by this author will appear.  This shows the date of when each were released, plus new titles coming out soon. Also, if you like the author John Grisham, as an example, there will be a list of several titles and authors that he recommends is another wonderful tool to hunt for new books. Here you can also search by genre, or author.  Also listed are their Choice Awards; best sellers by genre for each of the last several years.  I suggest you create your own Goodreads account, as this allows you to rate books you like, or dislike, gives you the opportunity to discuss books with others, and then keeps track of the books you have read.  Bonus!  Rate a book or author with 5 stars, and you often will receive in depth interviews and ideas from the author.  A number of these have been extremely interesting on how the author gets ideas for books, and how they develop their characters.

When searching the MORE catalog, once you select a book to view or request, scroll down.  Here we list other books in that series, other books by that author, and also similar titles, similar authors, and similar series. This is what it will look like.

Still stuck?  Cannot decide?  Well, since everything is free at the library, check out several different books.  All you are out is your time if you cannot get into a book.  We have more!

Last resort? Just ask any of the dedicated library staff members. The reason we are here is to help you!


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