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The start of a new year is a great opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year and to think about how you would like to improve the upcoming year. Whether or not you choose to make a 2018 resolution, I would like to take this moment to encourage you to think about creating a reading goal for 2018. The best part of this type of goal is that you can curate it in whatever way best suits your needs. Want to start exploring new authors? Set that as your goal! How about branching out into new genres? You’ve found yourself a new goal! Or do you want to increase the number of titles that you read from last year? Then set that as your goal! No matter what direction you choose to go, I guarantee that you will learn something new about yourself and your reading tastes.

To help you out on your new reading adventure, library staff and members of the Friends of the Library and Library Board have helped me compile a list of 99 titles. These books are ones that we have read and enjoyed in 2017. There is something for everyone so please take a look at the many different titles. I have arranged the lists in order from most titles suggested to least titles in each category. If you would like to see the list of books suggested by more than one person, click here.

Are you looking for an adrenaline read to get the blood pumping? Click here for thrillers and mystery novels.

Do you enjoy Young Adult reads? Click here.

For our fiction readers, click here.

Do you frequent the library’s Non-fiction collection? Click here

Do you like looking into the past and seeing how people used to live? Click here for historical fiction.

Want to explore new worlds and possibilities? Click here for Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Are you wanting to know what next book you should read in our Juvenile collection. Click here.

Who out there enjoys romance fiction? Click here.

If you made it through all 99 titles, I hope that you found at least one to add to your library card holds list. Please keep in mind that if you click on a book cover that catches your eye, you will be directed to the item in the MORE online catalog.

Happy Reading!


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