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Microhistories: A Short Introduction

I was recently searching our catalog for something that included the word ‘rain,’ and stumbled upon this book with that single-word title, which “tells the story of rain – elemental, mysterious, precious, and destructive.” Huh, well color me nerdily intrigued. Following my curiosity further, I noticed the book is included in several recommendation lists of […]

Illustrated: Pretty Books for Grownups

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Of course, we do, and quite literally! Publishers know this well, which is why new books compete for our attention with eye-catching dustjacket designs. These designs don’t exist solely for the ‘made-you-look’; they also signal to us what kind of story we’ll find […]

Is Eau Claire Time Travel Possible?

Nothing disorders my mind quite like the mutability of time. It feels like an age since our library – the real library – was open. For me, the Real Library is the downtown location as it was before the renovation and pandemic: open to everyone, with copious oak and brick, faux skylights, endless tall shelves, […]