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It Might Be Your Lucky Day!

It has happened to us all. We hear about the release of a new book, movie or music CD, so we rush to our trusty MORE library catalog to get our name on the request list. The library has it! Great! But 256 people got there ahead of us. We do the math: 257 requests […]

A New Purpose

I love the transition from spring to summer: bringing the porch furniture out of storage, planting annual flowers, and generally preparing for a season of outdoor enjoyment. Over Memorial Day weekend, we finally managed to get the last of our seedlings out of the greenhouse and into the ground, freeing up space on the patio […]

When Books Went to War

As anyone who loves to read can tell you, books have the ability to teach us, to distract us from boredom, and to help us simply relax and enjoy ourselves. Imagine a book that delivers on all three of those promises to the reader, while retelling the history of how books offered solace to a […]

Winter Reading Program

It has been suggested by those closest to me that I may have a reading problem. I have to confess that I think it’s true. I read obsessively. I even chain-read sometimes, digging into the preface of a new book a heartbeat after finishing the author bio in the previous book. I know they say […]

Getting Started

I’d like you to meet my cat Ollie and his new friend Dick, an Alaskan sourdough starter. This puzzling moment is brought to you as a result of my interest in a link from Larry’s recent Curiosity Exchange post, On The Rise. It’s a bit of a meandering story, but I promise it comes together […]

The Unromantic Romance Writer

A decade ago, I did not like romance novels, unless you count Jane Austen as a romance writer, which I didn’t. Then one day some friends childishly double-dog dared me to read The Reluctant Widow by Georgette Heyer, and bet that I couldn’t resist her. I lost the bet, but I won countless hours of […]

A Happy Camper

There are almost as many ways to camp as there are campers. Whether we choose to hike, boat, drive or even fly into our campsite, there is one thing I think we all agree on. Camping is a great way to take a break from the everyday. Once you’ve invested in the gear that fits […]